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As Karavil Group, confidence is our most important asset. We maintain our commercial relations by acting with trust in all of our group companies. We keep our reliability in front of everything, we do not sacrifice any material benefits. Our trust-oriented relationships are among our cornerstones that make us who we are.



“Quality”, which has no alternative in today’s market conditions, is the main principle of all our companies in production. Karavil Group companies, which always adopt discrimination in competition, reflect their difference in the sector with high quality products and services.



Karavil Group companies are environmentally friendly. We believe that human and nature is the most important factor for life, and we show maximum sensitivity to the environment and nature in our works.



The concept of “Time”, whose value is increasing even more, has become the most important subject of all companies. By increasing the dynamism of the companies, the Karavil Group aims to save time by producing fast solutions to the companies it cooperates with.



Karavil Group companies aim for 100% customer satisfaction in all conditions depending on changing customer needs, trends and market conditions.



Karavil Group aims to be the leader in its sector in Turkey. We know that the way to create lasting values for our company, for our partners and suppliers is through new and creative ideas and we support the working environment and the professional development of our employees in this direction.



Our companies aim to be the leader in everything they do. For this, we all work resolutely like a true leader and motivate our colleagues and stakeholders.