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Karavil Group manufactures Gypsum Plaster, Gypsum Board, Construction Chemicals, Water Based Products, Pumice, Micronized Calcite, Decorative Suspended Ceiling Panels and Accessories, Profile and Profile Accessories with Karlis and Asvil brands. In addition to production, it also provides services in the jacketing (EPS, XPS and Rock Wool) product group and accessories. Karavil Group, which has made production a principle, continues its production activities on a total area of 184.600 m2, of which 78.115 m2 is closed area, in order to provide better and faster service.



Karavil Cement

Karavil Cement A.Ş. manufactures for “KARLIS” and “ASVIL” brands within the group. Our factory has been established on a total area of ​​125,000 m2, of which 75,000 m2 is closed area.


One of the largest production factories in Europe and the world, KARAVIL CEMENT San. ve Tic. Inc. It provides added value to the country’s components with its state-of-the-art factory that does not harm the environment and does not disturb the ecological balance.





Karlis Construction

KARLİS YAPI A.Ş. It produces pumice, lintel, locked paving stone, border stone and paving stone for the brands “KARLİS” and “ASVİL”.


KARLİS BİMS FACTORY, which entered the investment area of ​​KARLİS YAPI A.Ş. in 2009, continues to operate in a position to meet all kinds of needs of the construction sector in this field by using Bims (Pumice Stone) raw material, with its superior quality and perfect production understanding.





Asvil Metal

Asvil Metal

Asvil A.Ş., which draws a successful graphic in the production of profile and profile accessories for group brands “KARLİS” and “ASVİL”, is the only production factory in the East and Southeast in this sector with its closed area of 4.000 m2.