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Karavil Group; is aware that the competitive advantage that has been developing and changing rapidly since its establishment is achieved with invested brain power.

It has determined the main principle of increasing and improving the value of excellence and high performance in all its activities. We sincerely believe in the necessity to provide equal working opportunities regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, ethnic status, religion, political approach and physical condition. This principle; In our group, it is valid for all stages of our business life, from job postings to recruitment and placement, promotion to status change, various practices related to employees, wages and other benefits and training choices.

Individual and corporate values ​​are shared by considering the material and moral rights of our employees; Providing a qualified, peaceful and warm working environment is one of our main goals.

Our Company; With its know-how, the technological systems it uses and the unique products it produces, it has taken its place in the national production sector.

We are aware that keeping our loyalty to the foreground and developing our employees by following a transparent and equal management policy is the basic criterion for maintaining our brain power.

It is one of our basic principles to keep our target high, to maintain our leading structure in the sectors we operate, to provide permanent superiorities by creating differences, to become a world brand and to share this success with all our employees.

On the way to becoming a world brand; Providing equal opportunities among all of our employees by improving the motivation of our employees is the main pillar of our human resources approach.

Our human resources policy, created with this vision, aims to meet the needs of the human power in line with the strategic plans and goals of our group, and to ensure that this power is utilized and maintained in the most efficient manner.

In line with our policy; Providing training and self-development opportunities to our employees, creating career maps and maximizing their productivity are our vessels that feed us on this long road.

Our company culture and basic principles that have brought the Karavil Group to this point have been adopted by all our employees, and that all our employees, especially our senior management staff, keep themselves open to continuous learning and development.

It is our basic policy to review and update all our human resources practices, especially this policy, in accordance with the conditions of the day, and thus to keep it constantly developing by keeping it in a dynamic structure.