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When the Karavil Group companies need new staff, we have jobs in the internet and / or newspapers. By following these postings, you can be aware of job opportunities at our companies and apply for open positions.

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You can apply for general applications through the “General Application” advertisement on

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The CVs of the applicants are examined in line with the expected criteria, and the candidates deemed suitable are reached by “Human Resources”. Due to the intensity of the applications, it is not possible to return to every candidate.


Internship application

Within the scope of the Karavil Group companies, university, college and technical high school students are provided with internship opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their education. Departments to be taken as interns are planned according to the needs and quota is determined according to the demands and requirements of the departments.


Internship Periods:

° Summer term internship in June, July, August, September

° Vocational training internship takes place during the education period from September to May.


You can direct your internship application to us via the form below.


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