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Asvil A.Ş., which draws a successful graphic in the production of profile and profile accessories for group brands “KARLİS” and “ASVİL”, is the only production factory in the East and Southeast in this sector with its closed area of 4.000 m2.



Company Headquarters: Elâzığ Karayolu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 17. Cad. No: 8 Yenişehir- Diyarbakır

Phone: 0 412 345 01 25

Fax: 0 412 323 33 46

Founding Date: 06.12.2011

Tax Office: Süleyman Nazif

Tax Registration No: 0910516146

Mersis No: 0091051614600014

Trade Registry No: 24881